The DAGC committee is committed to ensuring that the golf course, its facilities and procedures are continually developing to ensure accessibility and inclusion for all members.

Disabled Parking

There is one clearly-marked disabled parking bay allocated in the car park at the end of the clubhouse.
The Club Manager can reserve an additional parking place for any disabled members or visitors if you let her know in advance 01793 785725

Ride-on Buggies

DAGC members who need to use ride-on buggies can store their own buggies on site (for an annual fee) or hire the DAGC ride-on buggy (£8 per 18 holes or £5 for 9-holes).
The DAGC buggy is also available to hire to visitors.
The safety of everyone using DAGC course is of paramount importance.
Members and visitors will need to be authorised to use a ride-on buggy by demonstrating to the Club Manager that they have the knowledge, training and skill to operate the buggy safely and that they can be fully accountable for their actions whilst using it.

All buggy users are required to be familiar with and adhere to the requirements of the DAGC Ride-on Golf Buggy Safety Policy.
This all sounds a bit bureaucratic and complicated, but the whole system works very smoothly and is quite simple.
If you would like to:
  • use the DAGC ride-on buggy
  • use your own ride-on buggy
  • store your own ride-on buggy
please contact Karen Banbrook 01793 785725
Karen will make sure that you are soon riding the fairways!

Big Yellow Score Cards

Do you sometimes struggle to see your score card? So many of us become progressively long-sighted as we get older. Conditions like cataracts and glaucoma can also result in visual challenges. With this in mind, DAGC has developed a Big Yellow Score Card, as an option to support players who would like to be able to see their score more clearly. The Big Yellow Score Cards are available in the clubhouse. They provide all essential scoring information and local rules and are accepted by DAGC as official score cards for all competitions and handicap submissions.



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